Technology Impact Cycle Tool


About this tool

Are you designing a (new) technology? Thinking about using a (new) technology? Planning to solve a problem with (new) technology? Or do you want to assess a (new) technology? Then this tool will help you to make better decisions and/or create a better technology.

The technology impact cycle tool helps you to estimate the impact of (new) technology! This tool does that by asking questions. By answering the questions you will gain insight into a lot of facets that are involved in determining the impact of technology. This tool will not tell you what is right or wrong or better. It will help you think about the impact of a (new) technology by asking the right questions so you can make better decisions.

To get the most out of the tool, check our best practices.

How to use the tool

This tool offers three kind of scans. A Quick Scan with 10 questions to give a you a first impression. A Full Scan with questions in 10 categories and an Improvement Scan that helps you determine what you want to improve on a (new) technology. All answers are stored in the same database and you can print the results on a canvas or create a technology impact document.

This tool also offers further links to books, papers, videos and frameworks and enables you to track your progress. From November 2020 the tool will also offer online courses on all categories.

To get the most out of the tool, we strongly urge you to first read this short manual.


The tool is really easy to use. The manual you will find in this section therefore is really short. If you still have questions or if you think we can improve contact us here.

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Best practices

In this section you will find a selection of best practices. If you have a best practice or if you think we can improve contact us here.

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Use it offline

To create awareness or organize a short session, we made it possible to print a blank canvas of a Quick Scan (here) and an Improvement Scan (here).


The Technology Impact Cycle Tool is a work in progress. Therefore we would love to hear what you think. Do you have remarks, improvements, things we can do better? Do you want to have a conversation with us? Ask us questions, invite us for a presentation? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Example: Re. Inc. A Griefbot

An analysis of a Griefbot. A piece of software that impersonates the deceased.

Show the Griefbot cycle

Example: Corona Contact App

An analysis of a bluetooth corona contact app.

Show the Corona Contact App cycle

Example: Baby Don’t Cry

An example of an app that analyzes and categorizes a crying baby.

Show the Baby Don’t Cry cycle