Technology Impact Cycle Tool

If this category is not applicable for this technology, please select 'Yes'.
Do you have a clear view of all the users/targetgroups/stakeholders that your technology will target or affect? Can you list your target groups? Have you consulted all targetgroups or did you make assumptions? Are you very precise which groups you want to target or do you just wait and see?

Can you write down in a few words in what manner your users or stakeholders will be affected by your technology? You can limit yourself to the main / core effect (you think) your technology will have on your stakeholders.

Did you really consulted the stakeholder? Did you consult all stakeholders listed or did you assume the position of some stakeholders.

Are you going to take the stakeholder into account? Do you think you should take all stakeholders into account?
Did you have a brainstorm to determine all stakeholders? Even people that are not directly affected by your technology? Can you think of other stakeholders than the question above? Do you think you should consult them? Why or why not? Can you make a list of other potential stakeholders and specify if they should be consulted or not?
The idea of the technology impact tool is that it stimulates you to think hard about the impact of your technological solution. This can lead to design - changes, which is a good thing. Please list them here.


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