Technology Impact Cycle Tool

If this category is not applicable for this technology, please select 'Yes'.
Do you share with your users how your technology works? What is the input? The solution? The output? Can users see in the 'black box' of your technology? Do you explain the goals and the idea of the technology?
Do you tell your users how the decision making process works? Which data is collected ? How conclusions are reached? If it is hard to explain conclusions are you transparant about that?
Are you easy to reach? Do you have procedures in place for complaints?
Explain how or in which way you explain to your stakeholders what are possible negative consequences or shortcomings of your technology.
The idea of the technology impact tool is that it stimulates you to think hard about the impact of your technological solution. This can lead to design - changes, which is a good thing. Please list them here.


An Algorithmic Impact Assessment from Canada.