Technology Impact Cycle Tool

If this category is not applicable for this technology, please select 'Yes'.
To answer this question think about sub questions like: is the technology in line with the person you want to be or propagate? Can the technology be used for stigmatization? Does the technology match the values that you consider important? Does the technology imply a certain belief or does the technology impose it?
To answer this question think about sub questions like: is the user supported in making choices or are choices made specifically for the user(s)? Does the technology make the user dependent? On the technology? Or on others? Do they need someone to use it? Can they live without it? Does the technology have an addictive effect?
To answer this question think about sub questions like:What is the effect of the technoloy on the mental, physical or social health of the user? Does the technology help the user (to do your job better or to feel better) or is the technology actually blocking the user?
To answer this question it helps to start a brainstorm and find out if you can envision situations in which your technology has these negative effects. You could also interview users or look at user data.
The idea of the technology impact tool is that it stimulates you to think hard about the impact of your technological solution (question 1-5). The answer can lead to changes in design or implementation, which is a good thing. Please list them here.

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